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21 Apr - Dropping Ed
Stray Cat
I'm going to have to bow out and drop Edward from the comm.

I've had a ton of fun with you guys, honestly and truly. ♥ I'll be the first to confess that I haven't exactly been the most active Ed you could ask for, so it'd be pretentious for me to treat it as a huge loss to you guys! I'm also applying for a different comm - it's larger and it's one with which I'm more familiar with the storyline and the characters being played. Again, it's nothing against blitzed at all.

Till later, everyone! Happy RPing!
Smug Te-te-te-telephone
Hey guys~

I know I've not really done much for blitzed as of yet, but just to be safe:

Though I'll continue RPing as Roy Mustang in my RP journal, for now I'll be on hiatus in regards to blitzed - I'm still new to RP and working with this character. I do think it would be beneficial to try and work on characterisation and the like with established canon prior to working with him inside of an alternate universe. I'd still really love to try Blitzed... but right now may not be the best time.

Best of luck to all of you guys, and I look forward to seeing what kind of mischief y'all can get your characters into! ♥

If this is the wrong means to go about mentioning a hiatus, please do let me know .______.

- wicked_seraph/tiny_miniskirts
I make this look good
Looks like Winry Rockbell oiloverblood and Verg are in :3 we've(er.. I've) been officially accepted. LOOKING FORWARD TO GRAND ADVENTURES.

Wow for me picking up two chars with two totally different personalities. Hey hoo~~ X3 If there's anything I missed, please let me know and I'll get right on it.

oAo Hectic week is hectic.
you mad
Howdy ya'll~! 8D 

This is your local Envy, stopping by to say hi, and I can't wait to play along with you guys. C: 

Since blitzed_mod is back in the game, it looks like I can make actual, RELEVANT posts to my journal, instead of just insulting skin_and_steel all the time. XD

So, hi~! So glad to be here, and I hope we all have lots of fun together. C: 
24 Mar - MOD POST
Yes, there is still a moderator here for those who are wondering. Thankfully I am completely back into things (and from the hospital - trust me. You'd be shocked if you really knew what happened), and I am so sorry for disappearing without a trace.

I will promptly get to updates and maintenance as soon as possible, and please. Any questions or concerns, do not even hesitate to ask me. I just have a lot of health problems that unexpectedly have gotten worse, and there's no way I left all of you.

~ Friday (AIM: zoloft science, MSN: poonariffic@hotmail.com)
12 Mar - drop
I have too many RPs to handle right now while my personal life is crumbling around me, so I'm dropping out of most - Blitzed is one of those that have to go.

Hey; well since some liked the idea of Cox opening up a website for people all across the world to ask medical related questions, here it is!


All the more chance to interact with each other. So. Go ahead and post whatever you'd like if you want, open community and all. Remember that it is basically a website all across the world to get medical information and as such should be responded to and with IC. Strike outs are things typed up and deleted, so forth, so on; do please enjoy.

(By the way, has anyone heard from our fearless leader lately...?)
07 Mar - Drop
Hey you guys... I really hate to have to do this before things really start to get going but I have to drop. I'm just way to busy with school and such lately. ^^;;

So friend remove eternal_mafioso (or do that neat hover thing.
06 Mar - Yo
Hey all! Thought it would be about time I posted up here and introduce myself, all that. Probably do it again if I get the slot of the new character I've been procrastinating with holding. Did you know we can really actually have crazy-out-there characters be canon? Damn totally went over my head. Haha probably means I just might have to reapply as here I went ahead and gave this whole in-depth alter loop hole AU version. Ci@!#&(eed@-!0#....

Anyhow. If anyone is up for plotting or likes really, really annoying doctors who tend to go off on rants and have huge egos, drop me a message. Really like plots. And, well generally RPing--great particularly to play off the number of different characters like this.

I'll post up again like I said if I get this new character and as always the same will apply for him too. Funny that, love Dr. Cox because he's a hardass but this other guy is just so opposite it amuses me a little.

Thought I might mix on the idea of Dr. Cox opening a website of some kind for people who need medical advice in which they can respond back and forth all over the world just more over for a nice chance on further character interaction where otherwise it wouldn't happen; we'll see where that goes and I'll keep you all in the loop there.

So, need anything, want to ask anything or just feel the impulse on sending me an email, over all feel free! :D
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